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06 March 2015

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Yes, we have taken a ‘holistic’ approach to how marketers work with agencies and done an extensive study from all sides of the working formula. We look at 2014 while we pause at what 2015 will bring. As they say, when the going gets tough, marketers get going. Look out for our coming 4th Malaysian CMO Conference on April 21 which promises another enriching experience with speakers from around the region talking about what you want to hear when it matters most - a difficult year ahead!


Cover Story - How marketers can win with agencies
Clients or marketers are normal human beings and consumers like you and I. They all have jobs to do, like all of us in advertising and media. Targets to reach, sales to make, KPIs to meet and bosses to please. Agencies pander to marketers because they are a financial lifeline, a prestigious brand for their agency portfolio ie. bragging rights and a chance to shine if all factors work. There’s nothing wrong with doing the best for one’s clients. After all advertising many say advertising is…
The Accidental Scholar
The Accidental Scholar is the autobiography of Professor Jagdish N. Sheth, a renowned scholar and one of the foremost authorities in the world on marketing and consumer behaviour. This is the fascinating story of a young man from India who went to America to realise the American Dream and became a world-renowned educator and thought-leader.
In July 2011, Prof Sheth conducted the Chindia Rising seminar in Kuala Lumpur...
Sony Pictures: the accidental innovators
Seth Rogan’s latest comedy, The Interview, cost Sony Pictures US$44 million to produce; another US$45-47 million to market; and their entire insecure network of corporate emails, databases of employee personal information, future scripts, and even a few unreleased films. The contents of which were all gleefully downloaded by Hackers… no, no, not Angelina Jolie 
Media Prima's Mad Scientists Unveil the Secrets of the ‘Most Powerful Brain'
The enthusiastic team of ‘mad scientists’ at Media Prima; led by the maddest scientist of them all - Media Prima TV Networks CEO Ahmad Izham Omar, were wonderfully in sync spreading cheer and infectious laughter throughout the screening week…
Y&R: Resisting The Usual In Managing Change For Brands And Businesses
Change deals with two fundamentals, space and time just like Christopher Nolan’s films. Very simply put, change is the process of becoming different. Different has a premium in our world because it creates its own space and time in the already cluttered minds of the people. The concept of different is extremely flexible unlike the myth that surrounds change - that everything has to let loose…
Goodbye Yellow Man, Hello Telenor
Telco entity Digi have unveiled a refreshed brand which incorporates a new logo and philosophy, ‘Let’s Inspire’ – this builds on the company’s renewed focus on digital services…
Romancing the E-Shopper
Ecommerce thus far has been primarily driven by consumer convenience, and most brands have gotten by with bolting ecommerce onto existing market strategies.
This has resulted in clinical websites with banal product pages, as low volumes meant that brands haven’t had to think through an ecommerce strategy...
YouTube star mobbed by fans!
Youtube superstar and arguably the world’s most popular prankster, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, of Vitalyzdtv fame, recently made a visit to Kuala Lumpur to meet his fans. A horde of more than 2000 fans, including locals and tourists, thronged the grounds of KLCC’s park for a chance to get up close and take pictures with their idol…

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