How Italian are you?

07 December 2017


Noted film director Rajay Singh of The Think Tank has rolled out an offbeat, funny film on McDonald’s Italian menu for Leo Burnett Indonesia. 

Helping him raise the wackiness is another Think Tank creative, Dewi Yusup, who along with Rajay, has captured the passion for all things Italian amongst Indonesian consumers. The story rides on a conflict involving two neighbours, though comical in nature, and ends with a resolution, all deftly handled. 

This campaign for McDonald’s, titled ‘Taste of Italy’ (introducing a new menu with a taste of Italy) went to air late October. Directors Think Tank, working together with AOI-Asia, decided to try something unique and bold.  

Talking to MARKETING, Stephen Douglas, General Manager, Think Tank Directors, said, “Indonesians are quite familiar with Italian food, but not Italian culture. Since at McDonald’s, we sell moments and not just food, we needed to show the passionate culture of Italians through this campaign.”

“The film had to portray McDonald’s as a brand that is deeply and whole-heartedly engaged with people’s eating out experience. In this case, it was the Italian experience which included an Italian range of menu, having the store dressed up, and send the most passionate customers to Italy through our digital activity,” Stephen added. 

The TVC shows a rivalry of 2 “Italians” about their passion for Italy, in a hilarious manner. This story about two neighbours competing and trying to prove who was more Italian -  despite having never been to Italy - was brought to life using a faux-documentary and interview style. 

Directors Think Tank decided to pair Rajay SIngh and Dewi Yusup together as co-directors. Stephen explained, “Often, a director is always too working close to a job that sometimes you need another brain to throw things off a bit.”

Rajay said, "It’s always great to work with a team who allow the freedom to expand ideas, and the good people at Leo Burnett and on the McDonald’s clients side were very collaborative and supportive, allowing us room to produce a rich textured film.” 

With a quirky script backed by supportive creatives from Leo Burnett Jakarta, Rajay and Dewi , developed an approach that was equally local and equally international in its execution.  

Working together, the duo conceived an enjoyable Italian romp, filled with pain-staking production design, without losing the nuances of the Indonesian language and talent direction, while capturing the taste of Italy on-screen.

Yogi Pradana, Leo Burnett Creative Director said, “McDonald’s has a clear brand purpose where it understands people’s lives and the brand plays an important role in being part of it. With this idea of ‘For the true believers’, it was important to build that purpose in without being conventional in the execution. We wanted to tell life stories of extreme passion, and McDonald’s is there with them".

“Rajay, Dewi and the team have managed to elevate the script from its original board by adding touches of quirkiness which brought more life into the film. The talent selection and talent direction actually sparkled magic to the film,” added Yogi.

View the film:

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