CAMPAIGN SHOWCASE: AIA Insurance “Letters for the Future”

08 April 2015

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The campaign for AIA Insurance called “Letters for the Future” encouraged reserved Malaysians to express their heartfelt sentiments today for their loved ones to have tomorrow. The idea led SMG to develop a parent-focused time capsule concept - this was a finalist at the Festival of Media Asia in Singapore.

The objective was to increase “brand consideration” through engagement with AIA’s Facebook page by generating a 25% increase in the page score (higher engagement) for AIA’s Facebook page.

Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group Malaysia


Insight: The marketing challenge and brand insight

Words left unsaid are often the biggest regrets in life.

We purchase life insurance for the peace of mind that our loved ones will be financially secure even when we are no longer around. But what about emotional security? After moving on, it is often these emotional scars that are the hardest to heal and that difficulty is amplified in Malaysian culture. Malaysians are less likely to express themselves emotionally to their loved ones as compared to the West. 

The insurance industry suffers from a negative stigma and so AIA’s challenge was to establish an emotional connection with Malaysians, to build trust and understanding of the role we play in their lives.  In line with AIA’s recently launched brand positioning, ‘The Real Life Company’, we wanted to demonstrate to our customers that our role is to help secure their futures, to help them hold on to what’s important to them.

We do this by going beyond helping customers with the right financial solutions, but also supporting them in providing an emotional legacy for their loved ones.


The consumer insight and communications strategy:

Malaysians are no different than many Asian cultures where it is easier to impart rational strength like saying “study hard” than it is to show emotional strength with a statement like “I love you”.  Parents in particular are more reserved with their feelings and tend to focus on the present.  All too often they find it difficult to say the things that matter most and unfortunately, don’t realize the power of “I love you” until it is too late. We wanted people to realize that the emotional gift of saying “I love you” – a legacy of love, was as much a part of their legacy as their finances.

AIA’s “Letters for the Future” encouraged reserved Malaysians to open up and express their meaningful, heartfelt sentiments today so their loved ones have them as tangible mementos for tomorrow. This would be a movement that saw Malaysian parents film or write down their thoughts, hopes or advice to be shared with their children in the future.   Because all too often, words left unsaid are often the biggest regrets in life.

The messages were then beautifully packaged as time capsules, delivered to the parents within a week, so they might present them to their children when they’re older.

The creativity of the communication and activation and/or delivery:

AIA’s ‘Letters for the Future’ used Facebook as the main platform to host this campaign as well as packaged ‘Time Capsules’ that allowed parents to share, inspire and motivate other Malaysian parents to show their feelings with their children.

The campaign commenced on Facebook and AIA’s dedicated ‘Letters for the Future’ website with a heart-warming video made by Malaysia’s top blogger, Timothy Tiah, about his hopes and dreams for his son who was born prematurely.  The video had enormous impact and a further 2 videos were released and seeded during the campaign and supported by display ads.

We also collaborated with 11 Malaysian celebrity and parent bloggers who wrote letters to inspire their 2.8 million followers.  Parents were then able to write their own ‘Letters for the Future’ on AIA’s dedicated ‘Letters for the Future’ website or mobile site which enabled tech-savvy parents to write their entire letter directly from an App.

Within 2 weeks of entries, we turned the digitally written letters into hard copies and delivered them to parents in a gift-wrapped ‘Time Capsule’ box.   The parents now had precious memories that they could present and pass onto their children, and they shared these moments with us on Facebook and Instagram. 

The Results!!

Over 8 weeks, 600 parents sent over 120,000 words of love, wisdom and knowledge to their children. Entries exceeded target by 132%.

The campaign reached over 6.2 million parents across the digital space and AIA’s Letters for the Future mobile site was visited 363,349 times.

AIA’s Facebook fans increased by 16,072 and engagement increased with AIA’s posts organically shared 9,569 times. The campaign videos were shared 8,148 times from the Facebook page - making them the No.1 videos shared in the financial category for September and October 2014 in Malaysia, and Top 10 globally.  In total, 718,236 views of which 15% were viewed organically; and over 50% of parents agreed to receive more information from AIA, creating significant potential revenue uplift for the brand.

The tangible memento of the video letters and time capsules ensure that AIA will have a lasting impact on Malaysians and further cement AIA’s position as ‘The Real Life Company’.

The campaign played a big role in improving AIA’s brand consideration scores. In December 2014, brand health scores (Millward Brown) improved significantly compared to June 2014.

AIA maintained its lead in brand consideration and further widened the gap with its competitors.


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