A quiet end to a stormy year!

08 December 2015

APPIESMalaysia 2016

(Marketingmagazine.com.my) - So much has happened in 2015 that sometimes we don’t know where to begin. 

Some highlights; GST, 1MDB, weakening of Ringgit, Nepal earthquake, Syrian refugee crises, ISIS…and of course, Donald Trump! 

The marketing industry has not been spared either. 

The market has yet to recover back to its former self from the effect of the GST implementation pointing to a more sober Christmas shopping season this time around. 

The mood is of acute cautiousness. 

MARKETING magazine finished the last quarter with its 11th Malaysian Media Conference and is now poised to launch The APPIES in Malaysia. 

And that’s what our cover story is all about…

COVER STORY: The only awards show where you learn!

APPIES is an annual festival of the best marketing ideas. Held over two days, to be organised by the MARKETING magazine Malaysia.  The APPIES recognises and celebrates the most brilliant and inspirational ideas in marketing communications. Only 10 outstanding campaigns that have rewritten the clichés of marketing go on to ultimately win the APPIES Gold Medals.

The USP of the APPIES is that each of the campaigns is presented LIVE by the brand marketers or campaign creators before a panel of judges and the audience. The APPIES, now in its inaugural year in Malaysia, is also a leading knowledge exchange platform as it includes special events like keynote sessions and panel discussions on topics of industry relevance...

Fake Marketing

A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek said it best….  

“The ideal programmatic transaction works when a user clicks on a website and suddenly her Internet address and browsing history are packaged and whisked off to an auction site, where software, on behalf of advertisers, scrutinizes her profile and determines whether to bid to place an ad next to that article.” 

With the rise of programmatic buying and, specifically, the nature of blind inventory available through real-time bidding exchanges, advertising fraud has occupied headlines due to the enormous volume of traffic. Increasingly, digital ad viewers aren’t human. A study done in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers embedded billions of digital ads with code designed to determine who or what was seeing them. 11% of display ads and almost a quarter of video ads were “viewed” by software, not people! Earlier this year, global open-ad management firm Sizmek said the emergence of...

The Business of Shortcuts

Juggling several roles at once is nothing new to today’s Malaysians. And the Internet especially the mobile phone has become the Holy Grail for helping people get the most out of everyday professional and personal demands because they can perform tasks on the move. It has spawned a new culture of shortcuts – doing two things at once, or one thing in half the time...

Advertising so disruptive it conceals the content

We’ve all experienced it: we click an intriguing headline on a social media site, eager to see the interesting or titillating subject matter and quickly get back to our infinite scrolling, when we are stopped in our tracks by a painfully unrelated, irrelevant marketing message. Sometimes we are sternly told that we have to endure a sponsored countdown before we are allowed to “skip” ahead to the page, other times...

2015 PMAA Dragons Winners Celebrate!

Geometry Global Malaysia won the Best Marketing Communications Campaign title in Malaysia, being awarded a Blue Dragon and 2 Gold Category Dragons for “Happiest Chinese New Year” campaign in the 2015 PMAA Dragons of Asia show recently in Kuala Lumpur. The Agency also took away 11 of the 45 Dragons, across 5 Campaigns awarded in the 4th Dragons of Malaysia, as well as 4 Dragons of Asia Awards, at the combined Awards...

The media. Where are they heading?

By all accounts the year 2015 has been a challenging one for all in the media industry. This has been caused by a number of events, almost all of which were “beyond control”. Firstly there was the “economic” problems of the depreciating ringgit and a general slow down in global trade. This was coupled with “political” woes that plagued the leadership in the country. These two factors by themselves could have caused irreparable damage to the “media” were it not for the fact that industry players have been resilient and robust enough to ride out the bad times. Talk to any of the major agency heads and this is the impression that one gets. They have adjusted to the changes and challenges and “put their noses to the grindstone” and carried on. What has also helped is the fact that those involved in this wide field of “media” are a different breed. They are innovative, they ride out the rough edges, and they maintain their sense of mission. One person who readily admits to this year being “tough” is Andreas Vogiatzakis, the CEO of OMG Malaysia...

Maxis and TBWA scoop Malaysia Effie Awards 2015!

The 2015 Malaysia Effie Awards acknowledged the crème de la crème of Malaysian Advertisers at a gala presentation themed “Change” at the One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya recently.  

The “Change” theme was conceptualized to elevate the Malaysia Effie Awards to be on par with global standards… 

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