Astro Radio tops the charts in listenership

2 years ago



The latest GfK Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) survey reveals that Astro Radio remains the most popular radio network in Malaysia, with 15.6 million listeners every week accumulatively through its nine brands. This makes up 77.8 percent of Malaysia’s radio-listening audience.

Datuk Jake Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Astro Radio, said, “We would like to thank all our listeners who have been key to the solid results achieved. It is more than just numbers; it tells me that we have heard our listeners, heard them right and delivered! We are delighted to share that ERA FM, Hitz fm, MY FM and THR Raaga are once again the No.1 radio brands in their respective language, while THR Gegar retains its leading position in East Coast.

“As our radio brands continue to grow, so does our digital fan base and social media has proven to be a great platform to engage with our fans. Delivering content in this digital age means; engaging with our listeners through various interactive platforms that drive talk ability and social engagement.”

The company’s usage of tastemakers, such as ERA fm’s Johan, Haniff and Ray, MY FM’s Jack Lim, Mei Yan and Jeff Chin, and The New hitz Morning Crew Jay, Arnold and RD, enables the company to build an active community of fans.

“As a result, we gained over 13.4 million social media fans, and our posts reach over 6.7 million people daily. Our nine radio station websites are visited by 7.6 million Malaysians on a monthly basis, while our digital listenership recorded over 17 million streaming sessions,” Jake added. 



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